“Professor Sarath's outstanding expression of the human form is wonderfully conveyed in clay. All his figures are deployed as expressive vehicle to explore the dilemma of spirit incarnate.

Moment, gesture and intentional distortions of proportion characterize many of Sarath's figurative works, giving them an upward thrust in physical and metaphysical senses. In addition to meeting the growing demand for his highly original and austerely beautiful bronzes, he could be introduced as the most fastest Sculptor in the world".


Born               :  1955 June 06, Nuwara-eliya, Sri Lanka.
Full Name      :   Rathnayake Mudiyanselage Sarath Chandrajeewa.

Academic and Professional Achievements                                                              

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture
Department of Art and Sculpture, Institute of Aesthetic Studies
of the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.                                                                                          -          1978   
Diploma in Bronze casting - Department of Sculpture,
Faculty of Fine Arts, Royal College of Art, London, U.K.                                                                  -          1988   

Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture - Department of Sculpture,
Faculty of Fine Arts, State Institute of Academic Arts, Moscow, Russia.                                             -          1995
Ph.D. - Department of Asian and African Art Studies,
Faculty of Oriental Art Research, State Art Research Institute, Moscow, Russia.                              -           1999

Prizes and Awards (Academic/Professional)                                                             

Gold Medal and First Prize - All Ceylon Buddhist Students Art Competition.                                    -          1972

Certificate of Merit - Ceylon Society of Arts Annual Exhibition.                                                        -          1973

Highly Commended - Traditional Art, Ceylon Society of Arts.                                                           -          1973

Certificate of Merit - Ceylon Tourist Board Arts Competition.                                                             -          1974   

Two Prizes and Certificates of Merit
Y.M.C.A. All Ceylon Art Competition in association with Rotary Club.                                                   -          1975
Certificate of Merit - National Youth Services Council, Poster Competition.                                         -          1976   

Highly Commended, Two Paintings - Ceylon Society of Arts Annual Exhibition                                 -          1986

Bunka Award - (The Cultural Prize and Award and for the achievement in Pottery
and Sculpture from Japan - Sri Lanka cultural Fund, the first ever held in Sri Lanka.
Nominated by late Professors Ediriweera sarachchandra and A.J. Gunewardene)                                                              -          1993

‘Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts’
Awarded by the Academy of Arts in Russia.
(Nominated by late Professor L.E. Kerbel, Russia.)                                                                                                 -          2001

‘Kalasuri’ - National award from the president of the Sri Lanka.                                                          -          2005

‘Kalaijnana Ciromani’ -  Awarded by the Kalaithuthu College
of Aesthetics Jaffna, Sri Lanka – affiliated to Kalaikaviri College of
Fine Arts, Trichi, South India. (Awarded for devotion, exemplary
And praiseworthy contribution to the growth and Development of the
 Arts in the North and to dialogue, peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.)
Nominated by Fr. Professor N.M.Saveri                                                                                                -          2016

Gold Medal - a rare honour bestowed by the CPArts Jaffna
The Sculpture Exhibition ‘Arising’ and Graduation of Certificate Course of Sculpture, 
modeling and mould making was held on 27th &  28th of May 2017 at Kalaithuthu College of 
Aesthetics, Jaffna. 27th morning an exhibition of sculpture was opened to the public at the 
Kalamutram, the CPArts Art Gallery by Dr. K. Suthakar the Dean of the Faculty of Arts
University, Jaffna and Prof. Sarath Chandrajeewa. The Grand final of the programme was Graduation 
and Award ceremony on 28 at the CPArts College of Aesthetics, Jaffna. At the end of the Graduate 
Ceremony, lecturers from the South who taught the students under the guidance of Prof. Chandrajeewa 
were honoured. They were garlanded and each was given a shawl according to the Jaffna tradition. 
Prof. Chandrajeewa was honoured with a long garland (Aandal), a golden shawl with a gold medal 
- a rare honour bestowed by the CPArts. A blessing song, which was composed by Prof. Fr. N.M. Saveri 
was sung while Prof. Chandrajeewa was showered with flowers. Chief guests were Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin B.
Gnanapragasam, Bishop of Jaffna, Mr. A. Nadarajan,  the Indian consular of Jaffna and 
Prof. Pon. Balasundaram Pillai, former Vice Chancellor of University of Jaffna. The team from 
the south honoured by CPArts were Rev. Fr. Samantha Perera, Director, Center for Sacred Art and 
Architecture, Negombo. Ms. Anoma Jayasinghe,  Coordinator, Colombo Academy of Arts. 
Mr. Lansakara, Head of the Department, Department of Ceramics, University of the 
Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA). Mr. D.R. Weerasinghe, Lecturer, Dept. of Ceramics, UVPA. 
Mr. Upali Ananda, Lecturer, Dept. of Sculpture, UVPA. Mr. Sathsara Illangasinghe, Lecturer, Dept. 
of Painting, UVPA. Mr. Ranjith Perera, Instructor Dept. of Ceramics, UVPA. Mr. Morayas, Visiting Lecturer, 
Dept. of Ceramics, UVPA. Mr. Asanka Jayasinghe, Visiting Lecturer, Dept. of Ceramics, UVPA. 
Mr. Janaka Herath, Visiting Lecturer, Dept. of Ceramics, UVPA. Mr. Koojana Obris, Demonstrator, 
Colombo Academy of Arts. (Messenger, 4th June 2017)                                                                                        -          2017

Scholarships and Grants                                                                                              

Won the First Place and a Traveling Scholarship to Japan for the proposal of
‘Youth Development Programme for the Vavuniya District’, in the All Island
Competition organized by the NYSC. (Visited Youth Centers, Cultural Centers,
Universities of Fine Arts, Museums, Art Galleries and Artists’ Studios in Japan.
Was sponsored by the National Youth Services Council of  Sri Lanka and
the Japanese Embassy of Sri Lanka.)                                                                                                               -           1980   

Won a Scholarship to London to study at the Royal College of Art.
Was sponsored by The National Youth Services Council of Sri Lanka.                                                 -           1987

Traveled for one month in France & Italy visiting major museums and
art galleries. Sponsored by the N.Y.S.C.                                                                                             -           1988                                          

Scholarship for Master of Fine Arts Moscow, Funded by Ministry of Culture,
Russian Federation.                                                                                                                           -           1995

Scholarship for Doctor of Art Moscow, Funded by Ministry of Culture,
Russian Federation.                                                                                                                            -           1997

Have Been granted a 1 ½  acres of  land and a studio (present Atelier) by
Mr. M.J.A.M. Perera, Maxies (Pvt) Ltd., Wennappuwa, Sri Lanka.                                                       -           2006

Travelled to Australia to fix the Terracotta Mural at the main foyer
of the Sri Lankan High Commission Building in Canberra. Sponsored by
the Ministry of External Affairs of Sri Lanka.                                                                                          -          2013

Travelled to Italy on the invitation of the President of the Sacred Art
School in Florence. Made a presentation and a sculpture
workshop. Conducted a Drawing & Modeling class for the students at the
Sacred Art School.  Visited galleries, museums & churches in Florence,
Rome, Padua, Venice and Lourdes.                                                                                                         -          2015

Travelled to Shandong University of Arts, China with the team of
Prof. Ariyaratne Kaluarachchi (Vice Chancellor) Mr. Mangala Senanayake
       (Dean - Faculty of  Dance and Drama)
Mr. Kumara Liyanawatta (Dean – Faculty of Music)
Mr. B.M. Dayawansa (Registrar of the University)
Mr. Kalubowila (Bursar of the University) Sponsered by UVPA                                                                -          2015

Travelled to University of Arts, Tehran, Iran to sign MOU with the team
of Act. Registrar Thakshila Ranathunga & Deputy Registrar Chani Imbulgoda
sponsored by Iranian Cultural Centre in Colombo.                                                                                    -          2018

Travelled to Holy Land, Israel Study Tour                                                                                                  -          2018

Travelled to Shandong University of Arts, China to participate the
60th Anniversary of the Shandong University. Sponsored by China Sri Lanka
Friendship Cooperation, Colombo.                                                                                                           -          2018

Positions held                                                                                                               

Youth Services Officer - National Youth Services Council of Sri Lanka.                                                -          1979

Promoted as Grade I Officer                                                                                                                      -          1983 – 1991                                                        
Lecturer – Department of Art and Sculpture, Institute of Aesthetic Studies
of the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.
      Lecturer Probationary             -           1991.08.01                                  
      Lecturer Grade II                    -           1996.08.01 
Lecturer Grade I                     -           2002.08.01                 

Visiting Lecturer – Post Graduate Institute of Archeology,
University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.                                                                                                          -          1993 – 1994   
Course Leader – Sculpture - Department of Art and Sculpture,
Institute of Aesthetic Studies of the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.                                                  -          1999                                                   
Head - Department of Art and Sculpture, Institute of Aesthetic Studies of
the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.                                                                                                     -          2000 – 2001   

Director - Institute of Aesthetic Studies of the University of Kelaniya,
Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                                                 -          2001 Feb. –2002 Sep.
Creative Officer - The Public awareness Programme of the University
Undergraduate Development Project of the Ministry of Tertiary Education
and Training funded by The World Bank.                                                                                                 -          2003 Feb. - 2004 Feb.

Career Guidance Councillor - Career Guidance Unit. (UVPA)                                                            -          2009-2012

Course Coordinator For Ph.D/Mphil Programmes
Faculty of Visual Arts, Graduate Studies Unit. (UVPA)                                                                          -          2009-2013

Head – Department of Ceramics
     Faculty of Visual Arts.(UVPA)                                                                                                          -          2009 Dec. 2012 Dec.

Dean - Faculty of Visual Arts.(UVPA)                                                                                                    -          2012 Dec. 2015 Sept.

Dean - Faculty of Graduate Studies (UVPA)                                                                                           -          2015-2017

Professor of Sculpture  (UVPA)                                                                                                        -          2009 Nov

Present Positions                                                                                                         
Vice Chancellor
University of the Visual & Performing Arts, Colombo                                                                                       2017 Oct. -to-date

Senior Professor  (UVPA)                                                                                                                             2017 Nov-to-date 

Pannels Served and Other Activities                                                                            

Consultant of Pottery Development Project of Western Province of Sri Lanka.                                      -           1998 – 2000   

Member of the Philatelic Bureau of Sri Lanka,
Department of Posts Advisory Committee.                                                                                             -          2001 – 2002

Member of the Exhibition Jury Ceylon Society of Arts,
National Art Gallery, Colombo.                                                                                                                -           2001 – 2002               

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Rural Economy.                                                  -          2002

Member of the Selection Committee of National Handicraft Exhibition
and Award Scheme of the National Craft Council, Ministry of Enterprises
Development Industrial Policy Investment Promotion.                                                                            -           2002 – 2003                                                   
Member of the Art Council of Sri Lanka, Department of Sculpture,
Ministry of Cultural Affairs.                                                                                                                    -           2002 – 2003

Founder Member of the Colombo Academy of Arts.                                                                              -           2002 to-date

Member of the Art Council of Sri Lanka.                                                                                                -           2011 to-date

Member of the Panel for Painting and Sculpture of the Arts Council of
 Sri Lanka, Ministry of Culture and Arts.                                                                                                 -           2010 - 2013

Member of the Public Performances Board. Ministry of
Policy Planing and Investment                                                                                                                -           2015

‘Bunka Award’ Selection Committee member (Sri Lanka Japan Cultural
Award). Appointed by His Excellency The Japanese Ambassador in Sri Lanka                                   -          2016- to date

Participation in International Exhibitions                                                                        

International Youth Year Poster Exhibition, Geneva.                                                                           -           1985

Sixth Triennial, National Art Gallery, New Delhi, India. (Painting titled ‘After Praying Hour’,
selected for the collection of the Lalitha Kala Academy, New Delhi, India)                                                                -           1985

Fourth Biennial, National Art Gallery, Dacca, Bangladesh.
(Painting titled ‘Meditation’)                                                                                                                           -           1988
Seventh Triennial, National Art Gallery, New Delhi, India.
(Painting titled ‘Boundary’)                                                                                                                            -           1989
‘Master Thesis Show’, Surikove Institute, Moscow.                                                                              -           1989  

‘Gangsey of Sri Lanka’ Lalitha Kala Academy Gallery, New Delhi, India.                                             -           1989                                          
(Artful Resistance – Crisis and Creativity) Exhibition of Sri Lankan Contemporary
Art  held in Anthropology Museum in Vienna, Austria, organized by 
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and Serendib Gallery Sri Lanka.                                                  -           2009

Monumental Sculptures                                                                                                  

18’ high – Cement Cast – ‘Youthfulness’
in front of the Office of the National Youth Services Council of
Sri Lanka in Maharagama.                                                                                                                 -          1986

12’ high – Cement Cast - of late Munidasa Kumaratunga
in front of the Public Library, Matara.                                                                                                   -          1987
4’ high - Cement Cast - Bust of late Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara
(Father of Free Education in Sri Lanka)
for the National Institute of Education, Maharagama, Sri Lanka.                                                           -          1991
6’ high - Cement Cast - Bust of late Dr. S.A. Wickramasinghe
(Founder of Sri Lanka Communist Party) Uyanwatte, Matara, Sri Lanka.                                           -          1991

15’ high - Cement Cast - Unknown Soldier’s Monument
for the Sri Lanka Army Panagoda Army Camp, Sri Lanka.                                                                     -          1992
8’ high - Cement Cast - ‘Follow Me’,
for the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Diyathalawa, Sri Lanka.                                                                -          1993

10½’ high - Bronze Cast - late President of Sri Lanka, Ranasinghe Premadasa,
at Hulftsdorf Street, Colombo, Sri Lanka.                                                                                            -          1993  

8’ high - Cement Cast - late Ven. Bellanwila Somarathana thero,
Founder Monk of the Raja Maha Vihara, Bellanvila, Sri Lanka.                                                              -          1995 

10’ high - Bronze Cast - late Minister Hector Kobbekaduwa,
at the Agrarian Research & Training Institute, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.                                                  -          1995   

12’ high - Bronze Cast - late Minister F. R. D. Bandaranayaike,
at Vihara Maha Devi Park, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.                                                                              -          1996
15’ high – Bronze Cast - late Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike,
Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                    -          1998               

15’ high - Bronze Cast - mounted on brick Structure, late  Founder of ‘Silver Mill’
(largest Coconut Mill in Sri Lanka), Father of Dr. Roland Silva installed in
Loluwagoda, Meerigama, Sri Lanka.                                                                                                     -          2006              

13’ high – Cement Cast – Bust of Late James Taylor,
Founder of Ceylon Tea, installed at Tea Castle, Talawakele, Sri Lanka.                                                  -          2009   

6½’ high - Bronze Monument ‘Arising’
(Commemorating 42 people Killed in bomb blast in 1996 in front of
the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.)                                                                                                                  -          2011

6½’ high – Sheet Bronze - mounted on 5½’ height cement structure,
Late Professor Senarath Paranavithana
at the Head office premises of Archeological Department, Colombo 7.                                                -          2012

05 feet high Bronze seated figure
 of the late Chief Incumbent of Lunawa temple                                                                                   -          2013

5 ½ feet high
Seated bronze monument of Ven. Soratha, 
former Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayawardenapura.
Commissioned by Prof. Sunil Ariyarathne. Booklet Sri Soratha
with the photographs of the monument was published by the University.                                              -          2013

Cultured marble, height 38inch., length 50.5inch.
James Taylor Monument - Gift to family members of James Taylor in UK
 Sponsored by ‘Mlesna Tea Company’                                                                                                     -          2017

Bronze, height 38inch., length 50.5inch.
James Taylor Monument                             
Kincardineshire, Scotland UK. Sponsored by ‘Mlesna Tea Company’                                                  -          2017

height 6.5ft. width 4ft.,length 10ft., cultured marble,
James Taylor Monument Father of  Ceylon Tea              
Head office, Sri Lanka Tea Board                                                                                          
-          2017

Bonze, height 9ft.
Sir Ivor Jennings, Founder Vice chancellor,University of  Peradeniya.
Recommended by  the Council of the University of  Peradeniya                                                            -          2017


Selected Portrait Sculptures                                                                                            

In Bronze of late Dr. Colvin R. de Silva
for the Law Library, Courts Complex in Colombo, Sri Lanka.                                                                  -           1992   

In Bronze of Four editions of Sir Christopher Ondaatje, Canada.
One edition in Portrait Gallery at the British Museum, London.                                                                 -           1992   

In Bronze portrait of Ven. Nynanaponika Maha Thera,
now at Bhuddishist Studies Centre, Switzerland.                                                                                    -           1994                                          
In Bronze late Professor L.E. Kerbel,
portrait in Russia, Academy of Arts, Moscow.                                                                                        -           1994                                                               
Cement Cast - late Hon. Prime Minster of Sri Lanka, Sirima R.D. Bandaranaike,
now in Sirima Bandaranaike Memorial Hall, BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka.                                           -           1995                                                                                       
In Bronze of late Dr. Arthur C. Clarke at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo.                                                   -           1996

In Bronze of Former Presidents of the International Council of Monuments and Sites
(Four Bronzes) - (ICOMOS) Italy.                                                                                                           -           1996               

In Bronze of late Dr. A.T. Avinashalingam
(The first Education Minister of Thamil Nadu State of India and Founder of the Deemed University,
Coimbatore) installed in the  Deemed University premises, South India.                                                     -           1996

In Bronze of late Dr. H.W. Jayewardene
for the Law Library, Courts Complex in Colombo, Sri Lanka.                                                                 -           1997                                                   
In Bronze of late Dr. Chelvanayagam
for the Law Library, Courts Complex in Colombo, Sri Lanka.                                                                 -           1997

In Bronze of Mr. Kurt Onken, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.                                                                       -           1997

In Bronze of Mr. N.U. Jayawardene, former Governor of the Central Bank, Sri Lanka.                        -           1998                                                               
In Bronze of Ven. Sumedha Thero, Switzerland.                                                                                  -           1998                                       
In Bronze of Dr. Peter Bachmann, Kerns ow, Switzerland.                                                                    -           1999   

In Bronze of Mr. Upali Madanayake, Hotel Fab, Colombo.                                                                    -           1999               

In Bronze of Mr. Mano Chanmugam, Colombo.                                                                                    -           1999   

In Bronze,  1½  life size of late Mr. C. A. Harischandra,
Co-operative Hospital,  Matara, Sri Lanka.                                                                                              -           2000                

In Bronze of Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Gaul                                                                                                  -           2000              

In Bronze of Prof. Dayantha Wijesekera,
former Vice Chancellor of Open University & University of Moratuwa.                                                 -           2001                                                   

In Bronze of Ten Family members of Dr. Roland Silva
(Present Chancellor of University of Moratuwa)                                                                                                     -           2004                                     
In Bronze of Ms. Yasmin, daughter of Mr. Walker Bethke
owner of  the Hotel ‘Villa Rosa’, Kandy, Sri Lanka.                                                                                   -           2007               

In Bronze of Mr. Holger Kersten,  
Author of  ‘Jesus Conspiracy’, ‘Original Jesus’ and ‘Jesus Lived in India’
(Sculpture now in Germany)                                                                                                                           -           2007

In Bronze of Mr. Corporeau and his daughter,
former Councilor to Cultural Affairs of Embassy of France in Sri Lanka
and the Maldives. (Sculpture now in Paris)                                                                                                       -           2008                                                            
In Bronze of Mrs. Sara Corporeau and her son (Sculpture now in Paris)                                                     -           2008

In Bronze of His Grace Dr. Oswald Gomis,
former Archbishop of Sri Lanka and Chancellor of University of Colombo.                                          -           2008                   

In Bronze of Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bigj Portrait in Ireland.                                                                        -           2009

In Bronze of Mr. Mark Antoney, England.                                                                                              -           2010

In Bronze of Mr. Charith Palpola TV Station, Singapore.                                                                      -           2011

In Bronze of Professor Carlo Fonseka, Sri Lanka.                                                                                  -           2011

In Bronze Portrait of Chirman – ‘Dilmah Tea’ (pvt) ltd, Sri Lanka.                                                       -           2011

In Bronze of Professor Daya Edirisinghe - For his Felicitation, Sri Lanka.                                           -           2011

In   Bronze of Professor T. G. Kulathunga - Sri Lanka.                                                                         -           2012

In   Bronze of Mr. & Mrs. Charitha Rathwatte - Sri Lanka.                                                                   -           2012 

A.H.C. De Silva Q.C.(bronze) for the Law Library of Hultsdorf, Colombo.                                          -            2014

Dr. Edvin Ariyadasa on his 95th Birthday. organized by
the University of Colombo.                                                                                                                        -             2016

His Eminence Cardinal Malcom Ranjith  at the
opening ceremony of the  Sacred Art and Architecture Arts School in Negombo.                                  -             2017

(Selected portraits are listed above. The number of portrait sculptures completed during
the period between 1990 to 2017 amounts to more than 500.)  

Relief Sculptures                                                                                                        

Two Terracotta Murals measuring 35’ x 6’and 14’ x 7’
respectively for the National Youth Centre for Maharagama.                                                                   -         1987

Terracotta Relief 12’ x 5’ for Maxi House, Wennappuwa.                                                                         -         1992  

Two Relief Sculptures, ‘Water Cycle’ 12’ x 6’ and ‘Universe’ 22” x 66”
Maxi House, Udahamulla.                                                                                                                          -         2005
Forty six Bronze Relief Sculptures (History of Christianity in Sri Lanka) for the        
Basilica of Ragama, Tewatta. (Each panel 6’x4’ in size)                                                                           -          2007 – 2009

Two terracotta reliefs  (9’ x 43’ and 9’ x 40’) at arrival
and departure lounges at Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport.                                                           -         2012

Terracotta mural (19’ x 20’)  for the lobby of Sri  Lankan High
Commission Office in Canberra, Australia.                                                                                            -         2013

Paintings and Other Creative Works                                                                         

Stamp Design for International Youth Year.                                                                                              -           1985   
Replica Sculptures of the Galvihara, Polonnaruwa (21’ in length)
for the Ceylon Tourist Board, Colombo.                                                                                                     -           1985
Six Portrait Paintings in oil of former Chairmen of the N.Y.S.C.                                                               -           1986
Bronze Awards for the Department of Sinhala,
University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka.                                                                                         -           1996                                                   

Bronze Awards (music) for ‘Nalamudu Suwanda’
University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka.                                                                                         -            1996 – 2003

Paintings titled ‘Hot Kiln’ 74 cm x 75 cm oil and Acrylic, ‘Pots in the Moonlight’
72 cm x 78 cm oil and acrylic, selected for the Presidential Collection of Sri Lanka.                               -           1997
Bronze Awards for the Award Ceremony of Literature at the Department of Sinhala,
University of Sri Jayawardenepura.                                                                                                           -           2000   
Have been nominated by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kelnaiya
as a consultant to the Road Development Authority of the Interior Arrangement
of the Subway Tunnel of Borella Junction. (Three ceramic murals in Red, Blue, Black & Gold)                        -           2000   

Oil painting portrait of former Dean of Medical Faculty of Ragama,
Professor Carlo Fonseka for the Faculty Members Room.                                                                         -           2001
Bronze Bell to be sent to Thailand as a gift for the 250th Anniversary
of Siam Nikaya in Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                      -           2002

‘Fed up’ & ‘Meditation’ (Two from the series of Thinker),
Art Collection of Museum of Ethnology Vienna, Austria.                                                                         -           2008    
Painting project – ‘Letters’ (20 paintings)                                                                                                -           2010

Ornamental Teapot in large size (2’ high) designed and made for Mlesna Tea.                                         -            2011

Bronze sculpture of Theri Sangamitta, (18 inches) commissioned by Chandra
Rajapakse, wife of the Hon. Chamal Rajapakse, Speaker of the Parliament.                                            -             2012

Painting titled ‘Kalaguru J.D.A. Perera  with Laurette moments before the
commencement of  the painting Laurette’  (4’ x 4’ oil on canvas) for the
Faculty of Visual Arts, (UVPA)                                                                                                               -             2013

Souvenier design for CVCD Sri Lanka  (Miniature replica of the first Buddha
Image in the Gandhara Tradition exhibited at Takshila Museum, Pakistan.)                                          -             2013

Bronze awards,  ‘Kavita’, Talent programme of the

Ministry of Higher Education.                                                                                                                 -            2013-2014

His lordship Justice Sripavan. (portrait oil painting)
44th chief justice of Sri lanka. Presented by the Judges forum                                                                 -          2017

Selection of Articles                                                                                                

‘Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara from Veheragala. A Masterpiece of Classical Sinhalese Sculpture’
(English), Published in KALA MAGAZINE Arts Council of Sri Lanka. pp.38-44 April 1999
Same article revised and published in website in the year                                  -          2001
Modern Art in Sri Lanka and its Socio-Political Environment – pp 29-38 Written
for the Exhibition catalogue of Sri Lankan Contemporary Art (Artful Resistance
CRISIS AND CREATIVITY ) held in Anthropology Museum in Vienna Austria
in 19th November 2008 to March 2009 Organized by Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
and Serendib Gallery Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                   -          2009

3D forms in Dance & Sculpture’ – Abstract for the research symposium of
the University of the Visual & Performing Arts, Sri lanka.                                                                         -          2010 

‘Artist Language of Line’ (in Sinhalese Language)
Felicitation volume Prof. Daya Edirisinghe, University of Kelaniya.                                                         -           2011

Introduction – ‘Gradual Changes in the modern art scene in Sri Lanka from1943-2012’
written for the ‘Power of Art Sri Lanka’-  published by Sri Serendipity
Publishing House, Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                    -            2011

‘Scraping aptitude test: A bad decision’ University of the Visual
 and Performing Arts. The Island 22nd June                                                                                              -              2012

'Saundaryaye Prayogika Pareekshana Ahosiya,
 Hithuwakkara varadi theeranayaki' 
(Scrapping aptitude test for Aesthetic study student, Adamant & Bad decision)
Ravaya Newspaper, June 03                                                                                                                      -             2012

Gradual changes in modern art in Sri Lanka from 1943 - 2012,
Introduction written for the ‘Power of Sri Lankan Art’ published
by Sri Serendipity Publishing House Galle                                              -              2012

Key Contributors in the History   of  Modern  Sculpture of Sri Lanka
in ‘Golden Prism’  Felicitation  volume in honour of Rev. Fr. N.M.
Saveri, Founder Director for Centre for Performing Arts, Jaffna to mark
the Golden jubilee of his priestly ordination.                                                                                             -              2012

'Ugatheku Prabuddhayeku wanna Methanin Patanganna'
(To be an Intellect, Start from here End from there)
Divaina Newspaper, July 30                                                                                                                      -         2013

Foreword in ‘Devil Palette’:  Gunasiri Kolombage, published
by Contemporary Art and Crafts Association of Sri Lanka.                                                                      -          2013

'Bellanvila Siththara saha Ohuge Sithuwam'

(Bellanvila Artist and his Creativity)
Sarasavi Publication, Nugegoda                                                                                                                 -         2013

'Nirmanasheelithva Vardhanayata Magapenveemak'

(Guideline to develop creativity)
Divaina Newspaper, May 20                                                                                                                      -          2014

'Paripurna Vidyagnayeku Veemata maga Penveemak'

(Guideline to be a Master student)
Sarasavi Publication, Nugegoda                                                                                                                 -          2014

‘Urban Sculpture giving a Soul to Urban Landscape’

The Architect July/Sep,                                                                                                                             -          2014    

‘Tapping the Creative Mind of  Youth’ Edex Oct/Dec,                                                                      -           2014

'Sri lankeya Kala salasum adyapanaya ha Ananda Kumaraswami mehevara'
(Contribution of Dr. Ananda K. Kumaraswami to Craft education in Sri Lanka)
Ravaya Newspaper, April 15                                                                                                                    -           2015

'Nuthana Sri Lankawe prathama kala shilpa Ithihasagnaya'

(First applied Art historian in modern history of Sri Lanka, Dr. Ananda K. Kumaraswami)
Dr. Ananda K. Kumarasvami
Silumina Newspaper, Oct.30                                                                                                                      -           2016

'Saundaryavedi Puravidyagnaya: Mahacharya Senaka Bandaranayake'
(Remembering Archaeologist Prof. Senaka Bandaranayake, a patron of the Aesthetic)
(Article written in Sinhala) Divaina Newspaper, March 03                                                                      -            2016

Prof. Senaka Bandaranayake remembering a patron of the Fine Arts

The Sunday Times Newspaper 28th February                                                                                             -            2016

An Investigation of the Sundial at Abhayagiri Monastery in Anuradhapura,

Sri Lanka. In collaboration with A.Jayasinghe and N. Jayasinghe.
Financial aid by UVPA                                                                                                                              -             2016

Veragala Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva: an inquiry into its style & Period
(The Mahayana Budhist Bronze Statue in Colombo Museum)
Journal of Royal Aesthetic Society Sri Lanka - JRASSL(NS),Vol 61 Part I                                               -           2017

'Lionel Wendt nuthana Sanskruthika Ithihasaye uga purushayek'  
(Lionel Wendt: A key individual of the modern cultural history in Sri Lanka)       
(Article written in Sinhala) Ravaya Newspaper Sep. 17                                                                             -           2017               

Selection of Special Lectures                                                                                    

‘Tissa Ranasinghe’s contribution to Sri Lankan Modern Sculpture’(in Sinhalese language)
For the Forum of Modern Painting and Sculpture in Sri Lanka at the National Museum,
Organized by the Art Council of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Cultural Affairs.                                               -          12th Sep. 1995

‘Art and Women For the undergraduate students of Avinashilingam Institute
for Home Science and Higher Education for Women at Deemed University of Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu , India.                                                                                                                                   -          10th  Oct. 1996
‘Craft of Pottery’ (in Sinhalese language) For the workshop and Training of Potters and
Ceramic Sculptors at Dediyawela Pottery Center. Organized by the Department of
Small Industries of Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                   -          20th  May 1998

‘Eastern Experiment in Modern Art?’ (in Sinhalese language) For the State Festival
of Paintings and Sculpture at John de Silva Memorial Hall, National Art Gallery, Organized by
the Art Council of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Cultural Affairs                                                                    -          Oct. 1999

‘Ethics from Past Millanium to 21st Century(in sinhalese language) For the seminar of
21st Century & the 3rd Millenium’ at Katunayake, Kamkaru Sevana, Organized by
the Institute of Knowledge & Skill Development, Seeduwa.                                                                    -          20th Dec. 1999

‘History of Pottery and its Vision’ (in Sinhalese language) For the workshop and training course
of potters and ceramic sculptors at the Dediyawela Pottery Center. Organised  by
the Department of Small Industries of Sri Lanka                                                                                   
-          25th Mar. 2000 

‘Bodhisattva Sculptures in Sri Lanka’ (in Sinhalese language) For the Art Forum
at the Colombo National Museum, organized by the Department of Museum.
(Speech published in Museum publication vol 6 pp 21 – 26)                                                                                           -          2002                                                                                          

‘Silk Route and Spiritual Route’ (in Sinhalese language) Memorial Lecture delivered
at the 4th Anniversary of Atelier – Chandrajeewa.                                                                                     -          11th July 2010
Teacher’s role for visual art education’ (in Sinhalese language) lectures training workshop
University of the Performing & Visual Art.                                                                                               -          Nov. 2010
‘Casting Bronze’  (in Sinhalese /English languages)
Bronze casting workshop at my private Atelier.                                                                                       -          Nov. 2010
‘Let us play our roll in the Asian renaissance of the 21st century'
Speech made at the launching of the Book ‘Power of Sri Lankan Art’ at
the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, Colombo on 28th June 2012.                                                         -          19th Aug. 2012

‘An Appreciation of Youth Services in the 80th decade & Reminiscences’
(in Sinhalese language) Speech made at the organization of the Youth services pioneer Retirees
General meeting at Gannoruwa Agricultural Training Center, Peradeniya.                                              -          14th July 2012

'Bellanvila Siththara saha Ohuge Sithuwam'

Delivered at the book launch of  Bellanwila Temple Paintings 
held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo.                                                                               -          2013

'Sri Lankeya Kala Salasum Adyapanaya ha Ananda Kumaraswami'
Keynote Speech, Libruary service
Board Auditorium, 3rd July                                                                                                                       -          2014

Demonstration of portrait modeling by Sri Lankan Sculptor Sarath 
Chandrajeewa and Chinese Sculptor Cao Changxu on the Chinese day 
Festival at Thurstan College Colombo  
See -                                                                          -          2014

'My Life as an Artist' - Talk & Presentation, Contemporary
 Art Archive Library – Jaffna – 31st May,                                                                                                 -          2015

‘Art, Peace and Ethnic harmony’ in Tamil language (keynote speech ) 
at the Award ceremony of the Kalaithuthu College of Aesthetic. 
Jaffna. 20th November                                                                                                                            -          2016

' Art for Colorful Nation' in Tamil and Sinhala languages 
(keynote speech Opening ceremony of Sculpture Exhibition and Graduation 
of Sculpture course at the Kalamuttram Art Gallery and Kalaithuthu College of
 Aesthetic. Jaffna. 28th May                                                                                                                  -          2017

'Lionel Wendt, Nuthana Sanskruthika Ithihasaye Ugapurushayek'

Memorial lecture dilevered at the book launch of 'Lionel Wendt'
by Sampath Bandara Lionel Wendt Gallery. 30th Aug.                                                                            -           2017  

Participation in Academic Sessions, Research Symposiums & Keynote Speeches

‘One goal two paths: A comparative study of the abstract  paintings 
by Vassilly Kandinsky and Kasimir Malevich’ presented  at the
State Institute of Academic Arts Moscow, Russia.                                                                                   -         1995 

‘An investigation of the appearance of musical elements in visual 
media with reference to paintings of Vassilly Kandinsky’ 
presented at the State Art Institute of Academic Arts Moscow, Russia.                                                    -               1997

‘A study of Central Figures in Buddhist Art’ (Buddha, Arahant and
Bodhisattva) presented at the State Arts Institute, Moscow, Russia.                                                         -               1998 

 ‘Isvara and Avalokiteswara’ (A study of the resemblance of the
 two religious concepts) Presented at the State Art Research Institute,
 Moscow, Russia.                                                                                                                                     -               1999

‘Dance and Sculpture’ (An investigation of integrated elements in two art forms)
Presented at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts.                                                              -               2011

'Veheragala Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara kala Shailiya ha Kaala Nirnaya'
University of the Visual & Performing Arts                                                                                               -               2012 

'Sigiri Chithra Gurukulaye Murthi Shailiya Brithanya kawthukagaraye Tara'
Presented at the Seminar on the dissemination of research
findings. Department of Research and Development. National
Institute of Education,  Maharagama.                                                                                                      -              2012

'In Search of Persian Blue'  presented at the International
 Research Symposium University of the Visual & Performing Arts, with
collaboration of Thakshila Ranathunga & Chani Imbulgoda                                                                  -              2018

 'Women and Art' (keynote speech) SAARC International Women's Day
at the University of the Visual & Performing Art, organized by the SAARC
Cultural Secratariat Colombo.                                                                                                             -              2019

Selection of Citations, Articles & Books made by other Authors                                                

Late Sir Arthur C. Clarke had commented “On his terrific speed in completing
a portrait and had compared him to a human photocopying machine” Later commenting
on his bronze portrait at the Gale Face Hotel, Colombo the Late Sir Arthur C. Clarke had also said;
“This bears amazing similarity. It is unbelievable. It is hard to imagine how he created this.  
This is my clone.”                                                                                                                                      -            1994    
‘Sarath Chandrajeewa’ (Book) Albert Dharmasiri,
Publisher – Contemporary Art &Crafts Association of Sri Lanka,
Colombo. ISBN-955-9289-004                                                                                                                             -             1994

The Inestimable Contribution of the Individual to Society Sarath Chandrajeewa’s
exhibition of a Hundred Portrait Sculpture DANA The international Journal of
the Sarvodaya Movement, Editorial Advisory Committee Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra
/ Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne, Dana Vol. X1X Nos. 1 – 4. Moratuwa Sri Lanka. pp 68 – 69                                 -           1994   

“Sarath Chandrajeewa (born 1955) is a sculptor of extraordinary ability with a swift eye
and a perceptive mind essential skill in the art of portraiture. His portrait of Christopher
 Ondaatje which appears on the jacket of this book exemplifies his astonishing virtuosity.”
 “Vision of an Island” Neville Weeraratne,
Published Melborn Canada – Page 177. ISBN-0-9999-0483-3                                                                          -             1995 

Mentioned under the title of ‘Sculpture Colonial and Modern Period in Sri Lanka’
“A young sculptor recognizable as a successor to Ranasinghe is Sarath Chandrajeewa
(b 1955) whose forte is portrait heads in bronze.” Dictionary of Arts –volume 34.
Edited by Jane Turner – Macmillan Publishers Ltd. London – p.461                                                       -          1996

Sarath Chandrajeewa ‘Form & Feeling’
Exhibition Catalogue, Albert Dharmasiri. The Lanka Oberoi Publication, Colombo.                               -          2000
‘Path of  Visual Arts – Sarath Chandrajeewa’ (Book)
by Namal Jayasinghe, Maxies publications, Colombo. ISBN-955-12141-00-2                                            -          2005  

Mentioned in the British Museum Portrait Gallery Catalogue.                                                                 -          2007
'A Visual of a Visual Artist Dr. Sarath Chandrajeewa’
by Mayanthi Jayasinghe. The Architect - The journal of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
vol.109, Issue No. 1 Page 82                                                                                                                     -          Jan-Mar 2008 

‘The Human Photcopy Machine’
by Rev. Fr. Samantha Perera Sri Lanka Heritage - Sri Lankan Premier Travel Magazine,
pages 21-24                                                                                                                                               -          Aug-Sep. 2008
‘Scrap Book of  Chandrajeewa’
 by Malsha Fernando Published by Studio Rennaisance. ISBN 978-955-53120-0-4                                             -             2011

‘The Human Photcopy Machine’        
 by Ruwan Laknath Jayakody & Juliet Coombe ‘Power of Sri Lankan
Art 1943 – 2012’, Published by Sri Serendipity. Art Publications,
Galle Fort, Sri Lanka. pages 59-65                                                                                                            -            2012

‘Sri Lankan culture goes on display at high commission’ 
 by Phillip Thomson. Sunday Canberra Times, Australia 29th Dec.                                                         -            2013

'Miyagiya Sekarage Muhune Pilibimbuwa Hewood ekedi Murthiyata
 naguna hati' Udeni Samankumara. Mawbima Newspaper, Jan. 13                                                        -            2013

'Mawumkara Angili thudu' 

Mathaka' Ruwanthi Perera
Aepa Book shop & Press, Pgs. 38-39                                                                                                        -             2013

‘Tapping the creative mind of youth’
  by Sharlene De Chickere Edex
Magazine,  Oct-Dec                                                                                                                                 -             2014

‘Multi-faceted Artist, extra ordinaire’  by D.C. Ranathunga.
Weekend FT 29th March                                                                                                                            -              2014

Urban Sculpture giving a soul to Urban Landscape
An interview with Prof. Sarath Chandrajeewa by Roshini Galappaththi
‘The Architect’ Pp. 137-140 July-Sep                                                                                                     -             2014  

'Jana Pitapath Karannage Mathaka Satahana' 

'Rasa mathaka asiriya' Vijith Kumar Senanayake.
Agahas Publication. Pgs.28-40                                                                                                                  -              2016

'2001 Sangeetha Adyapanaya Pilimbada  Yojanavak idiripath karanne

 Sangeetha Acharyavarayek nowe Chithra kala Murthi 
Acharyavarayek - Sarath Chandrajeewa'
'Saman Kiyai' Saman Athaudahetti
Gunasena Publication. Pg.111                                                                                                                    -              2016

'Chithra ha Murthi kalawa ashritha sabandiyawa - Sarath Chandrajeewa'

Sirimanna Karunathilake. Godage Publication. Pgs.462-468                                                                    -              2017

Selection of Art Works for Other Authors publications                                              

Bronze portrait of Sir Christopher Ondaatje
on the Book Cover of Visions of an Island’ authored by Neville Weeraratne,
Published in Melborn, Canada.                                                                                                                   -           1999        

Bronze portrait of Ven. Prof. Bellanwila Wimalarathana.
Published on page 177 in ‘Visions of an Island’ Authored by Neville Weeraratne,
Published in Melborn Canada.                                                                                                                   -           1999
Portrait Sculpture of Ven. Mapalagama Vipulasara.
Published on the Book Cover of ‘A Pictorial Biography of Ven. Mapalagama Wipulasara’  
Edited by Ven. Prof. Bellanwila Wimalarathana Thero,
Published by Paramadhamma Buddhist Institute, Sri Lanka.                                                                     -           2000                    

Bronze Sculpture of ‘Mahapurisa’
Used on the Book Cover of ‘Stress Reduction for YOUTH through mindfulness
and loving kindness MEDITATION’ by Ven. Mirisse Dhammika Publication of  
Buddhist Cultural Centre, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.                                                                                         -            2000        
Bronze Sculpture of Buddha
Used on the Book Cover of  ‘Buddhist Philosophy’ (in Sinhalese language)
Ven. Pagngnakiththi, Godage Publishers, Colombo.                                                                                     -            2001        

Portrait of Prof. Carlo Fonseka (oil painting)
which hangs in the Faculty Room of Medicine Faculty at Ragama,
Used on Book Cover of Timely Letters’ (Kalochitha lipi) Godage Publishers, Colombo.                       -           2002
Monumental Sculpture of Founder Monk of Bellanwila Raja Maha Vihara
Ven. Bellanwila Somarathana Published in page 04 on ‘Bellanwila Mural’
Edited by Albert Dharmasiri. 2nd edition, Sarasavi publications, Colombo.                                             -           2007

Poem Book – ‘Life after Love’
by Muthu Padmakumara Cover and all visuals based on paintings done by the Artist.
Sarasavi Publications.                                                                                                                    -           2009

Portrait of  Dr. Lester James Peiris & 15 visuals of modeling process 
'Lester: Sri Lankan Cinema' by Ajith Galappaththi. Sarasavi Publications                                               -           2014

Portrait of Tissa Abeysekera (done in 1991) used on the book cover
of Tissa ';siai ;siaiZ by Ajith Galappaththi.                                                                                             -            2014